Hi Bob,


I forgot to mention that there were 2 children drowned in the Des Moines river that I am aware of and there may have been more.


Here is the short story and you may already know it.


When there was not a dam on the Des Moines river there were 2 very unfortunate children that drowned.  I am a very avid ice fisherman. Without the dam in the winter time the water will move much faster above the dam thru town making many dangerous areas on the ice for kids to fall thru.

In the late 1800s, I think the date is correct, one of the Methodist pastors come home from doing house calls to find his house full of people. He knew something was wrong and his daughter told him that both his younger son and daughter both fell thru the river ice and were drowned. He fell to the floor in despair.


There is more to the story but I find it interesting that had the dam been there these 2 children more than likely would not have drowned due to lower current rate and thereby thicker ice.


The info about this is in the Windom Methodist history book written by Gillam.