1)      Preserve a key attraction to the City of Windom; we owe our children every benefit we can give them to make this town a great place to live, grow families, and work.

2)      Prevent an enhanced mosquito breeding area and increased risk for West Nile Virus.

3)      Preserve the current status of Island Park and its ballparks by slowing down and evening out the flow of water.

4)      Prevent greater bank and slope erosion and reduce risks to public and private property.

5)      Preserve slope stability in the west river area by minimizing fluctuations in the groundwater table and erosion at the bottom of the slopes.

6)      Maintain stability at two highway bridges, a concern of the state.††

7)      Preserve the wetland migratory bird habitat environment.

8)      Prevent a large weed area and possible risk of damaging fires.

9)      Provide thicker winter ice to enable sporting events and promote safety.

10)  Prevent major flood property damage caused by a more natural river that could result in enormous costs for the city and taxpayers.

The reservoir has been, and can be again, a key attraction and benefit to the city. Letís not throw away the gift that others in the history of Windom have created and preserved for us.

Stakeholders committed to public safety, the protection of public and private property, and the restoration of the severely damaged pond and wetland environment have created this flier.


Please contact us or 507-831-3363 if you are interested in helping or with your comments.Finally, please visit our website and tell your friends about this issue!