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Mr. Williams-


My name is Tom Kresko, and I am the Area Hydrologist for the DNR in the Windom Office.  I have been exchanging phone calls and e-mails with the City of Windom folks regarding the dam.  Recently, I met with the Windom City Administrator Steve Nasby, a few council members, and the public works director on Monday (July 2nd).   My advice to the city is to slow down and critically determine what their needs are and what are the limitations of the resource. 


The reservoir is very full of sediment (with more always on the way every year).  The dam is not in prime condition, and the DNR believes that removal has many positive aspects.   An ecological resource specialist from the DNR named Luther Aadland will be making a presentation to the City Council on July 17th to discuss some options.  All decisions are ultimately in the hands of the City Council. 


No permits for dam work have been denied.  However, the $85,000 that was used for rehabilitation work back in 1985 was partially funded by the MN DNR.  Today, financial assistance from the state of MN for dam repair is unlikely.  There are encouraging funding programs available to the city for dam removal and stream restoration (building natural riffles or small "check dams" instead of one large spillway).  These new restoration techniques help improve the river ecologically (fish, macroinvertebrates, etc.,) while allowing the water and sediment to continue flowing downstream unimpeded. 


Let me know if you have any other questions.  The city have assured me that a public forum for questions and answers will be coming later this summer. 






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>>> Jason Boyle 7/5/2007 9:18 AM >>>

Mr. Williams,

I am unaware of the DNR dam safety section denying the city permission to repair the problem.  I have sent your request onto our Area Hydrologist, who handles most of the initial permit applications.


Dam safety statutes can be found at:


Dam safety rules can be found at:


Jason Boyle

State Dam Safety Engineer



>>> "Robert Williams" <> 7/3/2007 10:20 PM >>>

I am a resident in Windom, and live along the Des Moines River, immediately

upstream of the city owned dam.


As you probably know, one of abutments suffered a progressive piping/erosion

failure that began last year.  The dam structure itself appears to be fully

intact.  It is my understanding that the DNR denied the city permission to

repair the problem when the city applied for a permit to do the repair work,

thus a minor problem has now become a major one.


I would be interested in learning the timeline of any permit application and

DNR response involving the city, and the Statutory Authority /

Administrative Rules the DNR is operating under in this subject.  If you

could forward me a link to these statutes and rules that would also be



Thank you,


Bob Williams

805 Des Moines Drive

Windom MN